Visit Lanzarote island in 24hrs could be crazy because the island of the volcanoes has lot of thing to see that cannot be appreciate in few hours. However, sometimes we do not have choice: either because our flight stopover there or because our ship call at the port. So we have free time that we want to enjoy. For that reason, today we bring you an option. In the first part One day in Lanzarote we told you how to take the most of few hours in the island discovering the South area. So, below we will see what we can do if we do a north route.


North route in Lanzarote

We start in Arrecife, the capital of the island. We take direction to Tahiche (LZ-1) and then take the LZ-10 to Teguise, the old capital of Lanzarote. It is a charmed place and we recommend you to go there first if it is early in the morning because the Tourist Centers open at 10.00am. Visit this historical village, with traditional architecture of Lanzarote, cobblestones and narrow streets that keep the beauty of the period. Here we have the Spinola Palace now a Timple Museum, the Cilla (Tithe barn), the Mill, the Municipal Theatre, the Convent St. Francis now a Sacred Art Museum and on the top of the mountain the Castle of Santa Bárbara that houses the Pirate Museum. There is a lot to see here or if you do not like museums, at least, walk along its streets and enjoy the surroundings.



We continue by the LZ-10 to Haría, the village known as the Valley of Thousand Palms. There, if we want to know more about the artist César Manrique, we can visit his house and his old workshop. A real heaven of peace, an oasis in the desert.

We follow by the LZ-201 and through the villages of Maguez and Ye, bordering the Corona Volcano we will get to Mirador del Río. One of the first works that demanded sustainable tourism. As well as all Manrique’s work, art and nature are appreciated in this hidden place in the Famara Cliff from which we could have an impressive view of the Archipelago Chinijo. Why don’t we have a coffee with these views?



Follow our way to the Northeast of the island. Take the road LZ-201 to Arrieta, where we will have lunch: fresh fish with “papas con mojo”. Once we recharge our batteries. we take direction to Cueva de los Verdes. A guide will help us to enter into the the volcanic tube that will be like to enter into the heart of the Earth. This place will surprise you. Near here we find Jameos del Agua. A unique cave that César Manrique enhanced to show the world the its beauty. This is the continuation of the of the volcanic tunnel of Cueva de los Verdes and it penetrates into the Atlantic ocean. For that reason, we find salt water in the cave, where the munidopsis polimorpha lives or as it is also know the Jameito, a little albino crab unique in the world. We can find the auditorium, a place with an amazing acoustics. The peace that is breathed here will be evident during your visit.

But times run, and the route could finish here and return to the port or the airport. However, if we have time we could visit the Cactus Garden, an old quarry in the village of Guatiza that houses more than 1200 species of cactuses, an old windmill and the art that César Manrique expressed in this place. To get there, we will take the road LZ-1, a road that cross picturesque villages and surrounded by cacti plantations, where the people get the cochineal.  And if you are hungry or want to taste new flavours, we recommend you the cactus hamburger, an explosion of flavors, made only with local products and it is 100% vegetarian.


And it is time to follow the LZ-1 road to Arrecife. There is no doubt that it will has been a intensed day.
This route is easy and everything is well signed. If you prefer you can do the route in the other side and start visiting the Cactus Garden first. The villages of Haría and Teguise have great restaurants where you could taste typical dishes of the island.

And you, how will you do? Have you ever visited Lanzarote? Share with us your experience and tell us how did you do. And if it is your first time we will be pleased to help you.


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