Surely at some point you have wondered who is behind this and many other pages that you visit. CanaryTripBooking is a project full of illusion that is characterized by having people with different profiles that make the team work together perfectly.

Different ages, thoughts and visions mean that in the end we are able to create the most diverse products, always counting on local suppliers and where enhancing the natural beauty of the islands is the most important thing.

Our beginnings were in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, where our headquarters are located, but for a year we have wanted our love for the rest of the Canary Islands to be reflected, so we already have activities throughout the archipelago.

Our core values ​​are:

  • Work and be a team. The camaraderie is a fundamental piece in the gear of our company.
  • We create the different activities ourselves and if not, we source from local suppliers.
  • Our routes are directed by official guides accredited by the Government of the Canary Islands.
  • We seek to value the environmental, cultural, social and historical heritage of the islands. But always putting customer safety and the preservation of the territory first.
  • We offer objective and truthful information on all our activities.
  • We never stop learning and training, every day we learn something new.


And since we know that putting on a face is important to you, here we introduce you to our work team:


Lidia Hierro- Tourist and Hotel Industry Technician.

Sociable and enterprising, she is always willing to collaborate and add value to the team. Our visible face in Fuerteventura. Her professionalism makes working with groups easy and helps make each experience a success.




María José Magariños- Bachelors´s degree in International Studies.

She is a Venezuelan with a Canarian soul. In love with the Islands, and the sea. Her „chévere“ makes us happy on office days. She loves to create personalized itineraries where clients always discover the lesser-known side of any corner of the Canary Islands.




Cathaysa Rodríguez- Travel Manager.

She is outgoing and dynamic. Her energy is always contagious. Years of experience in the sector have made her able to solve any problem that arises quickly and efficiently.





Judit Morera- Translator and interpreter 

She is decisive and enterprising. Her good vibes cross borders and make her easily connect with travelers and get involved to the point of being able to offer them the experience they are looking for. Languages ​​your tool to achieve your passion: traveling.



Marco Pérez- Graduate in Tourism and Audiovisual Communication.

Affable and smiling, he is a lover of Canarian culture and traditions, always connecting us with our most indigenous side. His patience and knowing how to stay make us all stay calm in difficult moments.





Davinia Brito- Biologist and Graduate in Tourism

She is the digital brain of the team. Lover of nature and photography that gives life to our website. Her passion for the Canary Islands goes beyond the screen and makes anyone fall in love with them.



Now that you know us, we can only tell you that we will be delighted to make your holidays in the Canary Islands unforgettable. Contact us!

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