The landscapes of the Canary Islands are impressive. Evert island has a singular landscape that surprise every traveller. For that reason, the viewpoints are needed to stop there and see the wonders that surrounds us. In every island there are lot of viewpoint from where is possible to have spectacular and uniques views, but list all of them would be endless. So we have decided to choose on viewpoint per island, those that we think will blow your mind.


Viewpoint la Peña (El Hierro)

Situated in the cliff of Tibataje, at 700 metres above the sea, we have the viewpoint of la Peña, in the municipality of Valverde. It is a work of the artist César Manrique who is from Lanzarote. It is built in a perfect place to observe el Golfo valley. It is in the north of the island and from here is possible to see one of the most impressive landscapes of el Hierro: the formation of the valley is spectacular, the Roques de Salmor are beautiful, the vineyards, the vegetation and the Fuga de la Gorreta, a high cliff that is at 1000 metres above the sea and where some time ago the shepherds moved freely through the slopes.   

Inside the viewpoint there is a restaurant with a menu dedicated to the Canarian gastronomy.


Viewpoint Abrante (La Gomera)

Opened in 2013, this viewpoint is in the cliff of Abrante, at 260 metres above the sea. It is a must in your visit to La Gomera. Its amazing views are breathtaking and we say it literally. One part of the viewpoint is unsuitable for people with vertigo. It has a glass walkway of seven metres that let you have a 360º views. Under our feet is the Agulo Valley and in the horizon you can see the shape of the Teide from Tenerife island.

From the inside of the viewpoint we access to the walkway also we find the restaurant which has a privilege views. Are you prepared to walk along this walkway and leave under your feet 600 metres high?


Viewpoint Salto del Enamorado (La Palma)

Also known as the viewpoint of the Mountain. Legend has it that here love blinded a shepherd that lost his live trying to win his beloved.

The beautiful lady did not fall in love with him in spite of the perseverance of the shepherd. So trying to leave him up she challenged him to jump at the edge of the cliff three times with the help of his “lanza (spear), it was a special cane that shepherds used to move around the difficult orography. The young man, trying to win her love accepted the challenge.  The first two jumps indicated that he would win but at the third jump his strength failed, he did not set correctly the spear and he fell off the cliff. His body was never found and the lady sunk into pain and fault, she lost her mind and spend the rest of her days crying.  

For that reason, people started to call this place the viewpoint of Salto del Enamorado (Lover’s Leap). This viewpoint is in Puntallana, in the cliff Barranco de Nogales. From here you can see the east part of  La Palma, the laurel forest, the Canary Islands dragon tree, farmings and the ocean. Shall we go to see a sunrise from this beauty place?


Viewpoint Chipeque (Tenerife)

If you want to enjoy a wonderful sea of clouds with the shape of the Teide at the back this is your viewpoint. Situated in Chipeque mountain, at 1830 metres above the sea, we find this natural viewpoint. This mountain is in the most important mountain change of the Canary Islands. From here, if we do not find the sea clouds it is possible to see the Orotava Valley. If we look back we will see the Macizo de Teno. From here he have beautiful views of all the north coast of Tenerife, from Punta de Hidalgo to Teno. It is also possible to see over the sea clouds the shape of the beauty island, La Palma. Pine forest and the ocean delight the eyes from this viewpoint. It is easy to find on the road from La Esperanza to the National Park Cañadas del Teide. Near from this viewpoint there is another one, Chimague from where is possible to see Gran Canaria.


Viewpoint  Degollada de Becerra (Gran Canaria)

In Gran Canaria, the island called also “miniature continent”, we find different viewpoints that deserve you time to visit them, but today we have chosen the viewpoint Degollada de Becerra. This viewpoint offers you one of the most famous landscape of the island. It is said that here are the remains of a big volcano, of unknown high that marked the centre of the island. Thousands of years have passed and the erosion has dragged the materials along the ravines that plough the area. It has given form to the topography and created sinuous forms. El Fraile a stone platform that keeps an eye on the Roque Nublo, which has near a stone that looks like a frog. The Roque Bentayga raises from the caldera of Tejeda, this roque was sacred by the old inhabitant of the island. Come and discover this amazing place that is between the Vega de San Mateo and Tejeda, in the road GR-150,3. 


Viewpoint Morro Velosa (Fuerteventura)

One of those places that the landscape is so unusual, arid, but that surprise you. Ochre colours that reach the horizon, among round mountains, ravines and plains.

A rural landscape, with no sights of dunes or tourist areas. This viewpoint becomes camouflages with the area, like every work of César Manrique who designed it. The artist knew how to choose the colours that worked better with the landscape over the mountain Tegu, in the Rural Park of Betancuria. From this viewpoint is we look to the north is possible to see the coastal village of Cotillo and the Tindaya Mountain. If we look to the south we will see the village of Antigua on the horizon. Inside the viewpoint we could discover more about the geology of Fuerteventura, there is a mockup of the island and also have something in the bar. 


Viewpoint el Río (Lanzarote)

César Manrique was also the designer of this extraordinary place.  His art is tangible just you are inside. This place was used in the past as a weapon wearhouse during the conflict between Spain and United States. The artist of Lanzarote knew how to enhance the beauty of this place. An example of sustainable tourism because he tried to avoid the visual impact and do not damage the landscape that surround it. A mix of art and nature from where is possible to see the Archipelago Chinijo. The depth of the Famara Cliff is impressive. It is situated at 479 metres above the sea. Inside the viewpoint there is a bar where we could have something while we delight the view. With no doubt, the inside surprise every visitor because is possible to see the work of César Manrique in every corner. 



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