Are you coming in a cruise ship to Fuerteventura?

Come with us, we take you on a tour around the island to visit the north of Fuerteventura. With a few hours you can know the most important points that the island hides, but we will let you to know that you will be let wanting more.

From the harbour of Puerto del Rosario travel towards the center of the island to visit TetirHere we will see the ancient mills that from years were used to grinding grains. We continued our travel to Tefía, an aboriginal settlement where you will visit the Eco-Museum La Alcogida and San Agustin hermitage.

We go on towards to the coast to visit the Puertito de los Molinos. A little traditional and not very touristic village, that characterized because in low tide you can access to some impressives caves.


Tindaya is our next stop.The old aborigines considered it a sacred mountain and attributed it magical properties. Here had been founded a lot of engravings with a footprint form, known as “podomorfos” that have an important archaeological value.



The villages in the very north of Fuerteventura

We continue our way to El Cotillo, a little coastal village. It has heavenly beaches for all the people. Also here you can find the historical, cultural and architectonical Castle of El Tostón. It had been built in the fifteenth century to uphold the island. The lighthouse of El Tostón is nowadays the Museum of the Traditional Fishing.

The touristic village of Corralejo is waiting for us. After Majanicho, it is the village situated in the very north of Fuerteventura. From here we have an unforgettable views from the island of Lobos. Near here we can find the Dunes of Corralejo, a place that seems like el Sahara. Walk alone through the dunes, get lost in the landscape and feel the nature is one of the things that you will have do once in your life.

Our tour will be ending. We continue along the road that surrounded the island to arrive to the harbour while we enjoy the cliffs, small beaches and desert landscapes. Would you like to come back again?

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