Fuerteventura is worldwide known for the quality of its beaches, not only for sun lovers and people who look for relax, but also for adventurous people who fly over the waves doing windsurf or kitesurf. Since 1986 it is celebrated in the island the Wind- & Kitesurfing World Cup thanks to the initiative of René Egli. 

René started spending his holidays in Fuerteventura to do this kind of sports. Today he has runned every competition that has taken place and also he has participated in some of them. 

The event takes place in the Sotavento beaches where meet up the wind and kitesurf world stars. And where every year more fans go to see the spectacle live. A pleasure accessible to all because from the beach is easy to see every spins and jumps which the participants try to win the competition. 

Moreover, the sport event is complemented with a great leisure and music offer that make it more remarkable. The program includes always famous artists that makes the known night marquees (carpas) be completely filled with the visitors.

This year. in its 34 edition, the competition will take place the second half of July till the first weekend of August:


Registration of the competitors & training: 19.07.2019

Competition: 20.07.-24.07.2019

Prize giving ceremony: 24.07.2019 


Registration of the competitors: 25.07.2019

Competition: 25.07.-29.07.2019

Prize giving ceremony: 29.07.2019 


Registration of the competitors: 30.07.2019

Competition: 30.07.-03.08.2019

Prize giving ceremony: 03.08.2019


The competitions and the daytime events start at 10 am and end about 6 pm, whereas the night events and parties star at 9 pm.  

This year among the concerts and events that will take place in the marquee highlights the opening the 18th of July with the group Salvapantallas and D’sua. On Saturday the 19th will be the Noche en blanco (the White Night) and continue with lot of parties for everyone till the 4th of August, the last day that will be an electronic party to close the event. 

We attach the link to the website so you could check all the events, guest artists, ticket prices and time. With this you have everything to organize your  visit to the south of Fuerteventura.

It is said that who go for the first time always repeat. It would be true? 


  • rove.me
  • fuerteventura-worldcup.org

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