A visit to Tiscamanita is a travel to the prehistoric and rural era from the beginning and the middle of the XX century in Fuerteventura, and to the smell of milled grain between beautiful windmills around the landscape. 

Located in the municipality of Tuineje, this small and picturesque town, shows us how was this island and how its residents took advantage of this desert land.   

This locality offers different interesting places, among them, the following ones:


San Marcos Evangelist chapel:

Built by its population at the end of the XVII century, this building has a simply style and modest dimensions. With just one nave, it is covered by a tile three slope roof. Inside is the altarpiece of San Marcos, restored in 2008, and dominated by a sculpture of Santo Domingo.  

From here, on the Inmaculada Eve and Day, 8th December, takes place every year the performance of the Rancho, one of the oldest and traditional musical groups of the Canary Islands, filling the streets of the town with happiness, “timples”, lutes and guitars.


“Los Molinos” Interpretation Center:

In this museum, situated in a traditional house of Fuerteventura, you will discover the history of the windmills in the island, cereals crops and all the culture about the “gofio” (toasted cornflour) and its production process. 

Just as you come in the building, through a picturesque courtyard, we can hear a special noise, from a hand mill in which the corn is grinded. During the route we have the opportunity to start up some systems of grinding, know what is the difference between a “molino” and a “molina”, and discover all secrets of the gofio. Also, from the top floor, we can contemplate a very interesting restored windmill.


Crater of Gairía:

Tiscamanita is also an ideal place for hiking, as the Volcano of Gairía is located at the foot of this town. From there, you can start several paths in this area to climb this crater at 461 meters in height, and to other recent volcanic structures as well situated in the surrounding area, like the Crater of La Laguna, the Crater of Los Arrabales or the “Malpaís Grande”.

On the way, you can see camels grazing freely, and some flocks of goats, very typical of this island. 


This town is also very well known for its factory of Aloe Vera, and for its good food and fields of very taste tomatoes, which you can buy in many of its shops. Tiscamanita offers different restaurants where you can try the most authentic, simple and very homemade cuisine. 

As you can see, Tiscamanita has a lot to offer us: culture, history, good food, and wonderful landscapes in which you can enjoy new corners in the middle of nature, or simply find the relaxation and peace that many visitors in Fuerteventura are looking forward. Don’t delay to come and discover it! 



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