Haría, one of the most picturesque and wonderful towns of Lanzarote, was the place César Manrique chose to spend the last years of his life. Between palm groves and white houses, in the middle of a old rural property, it is located his house, where he was living until 1992, when he died.  

It is a country house, which was bought by the artist in the decade of the 80s. It was practically in ruins in those days, but César started soon with the refurbishment works. Although the house shows the popular and traditional architecture of Lanzarote, the artist got to offer a modern vision, where he gives preference to the beauty and the tasteful. In this way, the home still instills the creativity of the painter, keeping always the original atmosphere.


The house, integrated in harmony with nature, takes up a built area of 1100 square meters, divided in different rooms designed by the artist, among them, two big courtyards. One of the rooms awaken interest is his studio, where he painted daily, and which has stayed intact. The evidence of this is that just there you can still see unfinished works, tables laden with drawings, unfinished notes, half read books…Here, in this emblematic spot of the house,  you can also listen a piece of audio with the voice of the artist, talking about his childhood and his creative works.

The pool terrace is another of the most original places of the house, where without a doubt, he found the quietude and harmony reflected in all his works.

Going through the house is also to discover the likings and preferences of the artist, with more than 1500 objects, like some of his works of art, and handcrafted pieces which César  created an unique style.


The house was declared “Heritage of Cultural Interest” in 2003. A decade later, in August of 2013, it was opened for the first time to the public, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the death of this painter and sculptor. This museum’s opening was a project of the César Manrique Foundation to spread the most intimate and personal view of César.     

You can get the tickets to visit the house in its ticket office. From here we recommend you a visit to this lovely spot of Haría, which without a doubt, it will make you rediscover and know in depth the artist who changed forever the way of seeing and understanding Lanzarote. 

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