We are in the era of social networks, likes and retweets. It is in vogue to find places that are not known and that surprise others. And the photos you take must be like those that are shared and get thousands of likes in Instagram and Facebook.

Lanzarote has lot of places “less known” and every day these are the places that lot of Instagram users look for. Today, we give you some ideas of the most instagrammable places of Lanzarote. 

We will start our route in the south of the island that is known due to ist turquoise waters of Papagayo Beach. In this area there are little caves from where instagram lovers will have an incredible panoramic. Turquoise waters, caves and almost desert places… What else can a person wish for a great snapshot?

This also happened in the area known as Los Charcones. These natural swimming pools give the opportunity to take photos from outside as well as submarine photos. Moreover, spend the day there is a perfect idea.

The colours of the mountain that surround the Clicos lake are amazing. From ochres to reds we find also the jet black, all of that mix with the blue of the sea and the sky. With no doubt this is a great place to take thousands of photos.

The inside of the island is pure volcano. The surroundings of the National Park as wells as the Natural Park of the volcanoes are the delicacy for those photography lovers. Craters with thousand of colours, volcanic tubes, heartbreaking landscapes and the feel of being in other planet. Here you simply have to let your imagination run wild and the good photos will be taken spontaneously. 

Teguise is, maybe, the most instagrammable village. From the top of the mountain wui will have a great perspective with endless views. But also its pavement streets and narrow alleys give lot of opportunities to get a great postcard. Antique doors decorated with traditional motifs, worn colours away that show the over time of the old capital of Lanzarote.


If you look for a wild and unique beach, Famara is the best option. And if you choose to go at sunset you will get the perfect snapshot. The light and the environment of the area are uniques and create scenes that you will remember forever. 

Is it possible to confuse sand with snow? In a sunny day and from the road in the north of Lanzarote it is possible. The well known Caletón Blanco will give you the contrast between the white sand and the black of the volcanic rocks and the green of the balsam spurge and the gorses. You will take a photo that will be the envy of instagram.

If you though that this was everything, you are wrong. This island has hidden corners that you would not imagine, you only have to walk, discover and enjoy.

Tell us which is your favourite place to take those photos that make you boast and add the hashtag #lanzaroteinstagrameable, we will share it and like it. 

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