Today we go to Betancuria to make a small path which leads us to the Mirador Morro Velosa, at 678 meters altitude. This viewpoint is the perfect place to enjoy this landscape of barren beauty of the island and also for recreation in the lookout building, designed by the famous local artist César Manrique.

This elegant house, with a wooden porch and tiled roof is clothed in the colours of the landscape that surrounds it. Inside, visitors can learn about the geological past of the volcanic island, see and excellent model of the island and stop for coffee, ideal if you are en route to the ancient capital of the island, Betancuria.

TREKKING: Morro Velosa

START: Betancuria                         DIFFICULTY: Medium

DISTANCE: 8 kms                          TYPE: Round trip

SLOPE: 336 meters

DURATION: 2 hours                                                 



We will depart from Betancuria walking through its streets and enjoying the typical architecture of the area. Betancuria was the capital of the island, and was located strategically in a fertile valley. Today it is an important tourist destination where visitors can discover more about the history of the island.

We leave our car close to the Betancuria church, and from there walk through the FV30 main road toward Vega de Río Palmas. We will go through the Archeological Museum and 50 metres after the Valtarajal bar, will turn left in a paved way (white, red and green sign).

About 100 metres ahead we will continue straight on through an unpaved way (with the sign GR131). This road is quite wide and with slope. The path is very well signposted, and the area is unpaved with some loose stones, but with a medium difficulty, ideal to make it with children as well.

We will arrive to Degollada del Marrubio, where we can find some picnic tables under a shed. Here we leave the GR131 road and will turn left, in the East with views to the plain of Antigua and in the West, with views to the valley of Betancuria.



The path follows a small wall of stones until the summit of Tegú Mountain (with a height of 647 metres). Far away, in the top, we can see the Morro Velosa Viewpoint. Here we can enjoy wonderful views of the island, and if the sky is clear we can see even the Teide peak in Tenerife.

From this viewpoint, we will return through a stone path, steep at the beginning and rough on the way to the valley in a V shape, in Majada de la Perra. Down, in the valley, there are some walls of sand in the right side, in a try of picking up water, very scarce in this area.

The route finishes turning right to a path, which leads us to the ruins of the Convent of San Buenaventura, built in the XV century. If you take the small asphalt road in the left side, you will be back to Betancuria in a few minutes.



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