Today we visit again the landscapes of Lanzarote, on this occasion we go to the Protected Landscape of Tenegüime Cliff

This path can be done in just one way or in a round trip. If we choose the first option, we must leave a car in the Guatiza’s cemetery and another one in the area of Los Valles’s windmills. However if we take the second option, we will leave our car just in the Guatiza’s cemetery.  

TREKKING: Tenegüime Cliff

START:  Guatiza’s cemetery

DISTANCE: 7 kms or 14 (round trip)                        DIFFICULTY: High 

SLOPE: 451 meters                                                   TYPE: One way/ round trip

DURATION: 3 hours or 6 (round trip) 



The route starts in the Guatiza’s cemetery, also known as Saint Margaret in honour to the old town located in this area next to the Guenia Mountain

We start our route going down on the road in direction to Guatiza, and just in the curve before crossing the bridge we turn left to carry on the riverbed, where we will continue almost all the way.    

On this path we will cross the crop fields of the Guatiza’s meadow, and will enjoy the typical flora of the area: sea rosemary, “tabaibas”, cactus, thistles, and fig trees are spread across all the landscape we have in front of us. In relation to the birds we can see in this area, if we are lucky and keep our eyes and ears open, maybe we will see kestrels, unbroken doves, shearwaters, “alimoches” and even berberian falcons.  

In our tour we will also discover the effects that the erosion and the hand of man have produced in this area and the traditional farming systems used to capture the scarce water in the island. Wells, ditchs, terraces and plots cover the landscape. 



We continue to go into the cliff and arrive to an area known as “Cara de Indio”, frequently visited by the climb lovers. From here the cliff gets narrower and in some areas we have to make a small climb. We will follow the way until an area where two cliffs cross each other. If we turn right we will go to the Tenegüime cliff; however, if we take the left fork, we will visit Los Calderones cliff

We will climb the cliff to skirt the wind park in Los Valles, leaving the area through a path in which we will see some houses in the left side. From here, we will walk to the Temeje Mountain (260 meters), where we can see the cemetery we left and the Guenia mountain.

If our route is only one way, we will take the dirth path to arrive to the windmills area. However, if we want to return to our start point, we will descend the mountain Lomo de Ballón to finish the tour in the cemetery again. 



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