Discover Lanzarote, guided tour on bus

Discover Lanzarote in its entirety with this magnificent tour and enjoy the incredible lunar landscape of the southern part of the island and its natural, lava-moulded sculptures.

Tour itinerary

We start our tour of Lanzarote along the volcanic coast, arriving at the picturesque fishing village of El Golfo, on the west coast of Lanzarote, to visit the Lago de Los Clicos or, as it is popularly known among Lanzarote locals, “Charco Verde”, just a 5 minute walk from the village.

This pool has been declared a Nature Reserve and owes its emerald green colour to the presence of micro-organisms and algae in the water, as well as the sulphur it contains. It is located inside the crater of an ancient volcano that collapsed over time due to erosion. This means that the crater of the volcano itself can be seen at the foot of the sea and offers the possibility of enjoying this peculiar volcanic landscape on the seashore, creating a marvellous contrast between the colour of the lake and the black sand of the beach.

We continue our route into the Fire Mountains, where you have the opportunity of taking a camel ride (optional, not included in the price).

Timanfaya National Park

We continue our trip through Lanzarote along the road that takes us between volcanoes and craters to visit the Timanfaya National Park, to enjoy the geothermal demonstrations before going on the “Volcano Route”, where you can admire the landscape that is like a trip to another planet.

This park extends over an area of approximately 51 km2 and covers a large part of the southwest of Lanzarote. This unique volcanic landscape was formed during the volcanic eruptions that occurred between 1730-1736 and those of 1824.

Timanfaya is considered the main natural wonder of Lanzarote and offers an impressive display of past volcanic activity and features a combination of earthy colours, solidified lava fields and peculiar rock formations. The soil in much of the park is still at a high temperature beneath its surface due to the residual heat from the volcanoes.

Because of the extreme terrain conditions, much of the park is protected and access for visitors is limited. However, there are several ways to explore and enjoy it. One of the most popular options is to take a bus tour along the Volcano Route, which you can do with us to see the most outstanding volcanic landscapes.

Your visit will continue at the famous El Diablo Restaurant, located inside the National Park. The main attraction of El Diablo is its unique grill. Instead of using charcoal or gas, the grill uses the heat generated by the volcano. A large hole was built in the ground, with metal grilles placed over it and the food placed on these. The temperature of the grille can reach 450-500ºC.

In addition to the culinary delights, the restaurant offers breathtaking views of the volcanic landscape of Timanfaya. Here you can enjoy your meal while contemplating this wonders of nature.

Lunch en route (Included in the price).

Our Lanzarote tour continues into the centre of the island.

After lunch, we drive through the La Geria area of the island, known for its wine-growing tradition and the special cultivation technique used to protect the vines. What makes La Geria so special is this cultivation technique developed by local farmers to protect the vines from the wind and lack of water.

The vines are planted in individual conical holes dug in volcanic gravel, then covered with a layer of ash and volcanic stone known as “picón”. This layer acts as an insulator, protecting the roots of the vines from dehydration and wind.

In addition, volcanic stone crescents are created around each conical hole to form small walls that further protect the vines from the wind and help retain moisture. These crescents, known as “zocos”, create a characteristic, unique landscape in La Geria.

The grapes grown here are usually native varieties, such as Malvasía, which is a white grape highly appreciated on the island. We will have the opportunity to visit one of its wineries to taste one of Lanzarote’s Designation of Origin wines and enjoy the vineyard landscape.

After the visit to the winery, we continue our tour of Lanzarote in its entirety, heading north through Teguise, the former capital of the island. From here, we drive through Los Valles and Haría for a panoramic view of the “Valley of a Thousand Palm Trees”. The lush vegetation and the beauty of the landscape make Haria one of the most picturesque destinations in Lanzarote, with its “Thousand Palm Trees” dotting the landscape; making this the greenest area in this land of volcanoes.

Visit César Manrique’s work

Our trip through Lanzarote takes in a visit to Los Jameos del Agua where you can see the exceptional work of the Lanzarote artist, César Manrique. This underground volcanic complex was designed to combine the volcanic environment with the creative vision of the artist.

Arriving at Los Jameos del Agua, you find a volcanic cave that has been transformed into an impressive underground area, with strategic lighting to highlight the natural shapes and textures of the rocks.

One of the highlights of Los Jameos del Agua is its beautiful saltwater lake known as “Jameo Chico”. This lake is home to a unique species of crab called “jameito”, endemic to Lanzarote. You can delight in the harmonious combination of architecture and nature on this visit.

After this complete tour of Lanzarote, we return to the various pick-up points.

Why choose our complete Lanzarote tour?

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Starting point

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* Lunch includes water or a glass of wine.

Pick-up and return transfer

Discover our complete tour of Lanzarote with our expert guides, and enjoy the highlights of Lanzarote.

Activity details

  • 7 - 8 hours approx. long
  • English, Spanish, German
  • Level Easy
  • Included
  • Transport
  • Official guide
  • Tickets to Timanfaya
  • Tickets to Jameos del Agua or Cueva de Los Verdes
  • Lunch
  • Wine tasting
  • Not included
  • Camel ride



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  1. Juan carlos

    Dentro de la actividad ‘los jaleos del agua ‘ Podías describir ésta visita?

    • Canary Trip Booking

      Buenos días,
      La visita a Jameos del Agua se hace de manera individual, tienen un tiempo determinado para que cada cliente pueda distribuir su tiempo como prefiera. Dentro podrán ver tanto el lago natural donde están los cangrejos ciegos, la zona de la piscina o el auditorio.

  2. Frédéric

    Cette première expérience avec cette plate-forme s’est très bien passé à part peut-être l’heure du rendez-vous qui était différente de celle de l’opérateur local à part cela c’est très bien.

    • Davinia Brito

      Bonjour Frédéric, merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire. Nous sommes ravis que vous ayez apprécié avec nous.

  3. Holger

    Wir waren als Familie unterwegs. Der Bus kam pünktlich zum beschriebenen Treffpunkt. Die Reiseführerin – Elena – hat sehr gut Deutsch gesprochen. Wir wurden sehr toll über die Geschichte von Lanzarote informiert. Die Tour war sehr gut durch organisiert. Es wurde sich immer Zeit genommen, das man alles besichtigen kann. Ein besonderes Lob an den Busfahrer, der super durch die engsten Straßen fuhr. Der einzige Wermutstropfen, warum es keine volle Punktzahl gab, war das Mittagessen. Hier könnte man noch ein wenig was verbessern. Trotz Trotzallem würden wir die Tour jedezeit weiter empfehlen.

  4. Fenja

    Schöne Tour mit tollen Attraktionen! Es lohnt sich, diese Tour zu buchen, v.a. um die Schlange im Nationalpark Timanfaya zu umgehen. Unsere Reiseführerin – Liliana – war sprachgewandt und gab uns professionell und umfassend Auskunft über die Region und die Sehenswürdigkeiten. Absolut empfehlenswert! Die Abholung war pünktlich und auch ansonsten hat alles gut geklappt!


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