Caleta de Famara is today one of the most charmed village of Lanzarote. Surf, nature and peace lovers highlight that Famara has something that captivate you. And we have been witness to the magic of Famara, its beach, its village and its impressive cliff.

Today we want to go back in time and tell you how was this little village situated in the slope of the Famara cliff. In the 15th century, in the are there were wells and little natural springs. This made that the franciscans that had arrived with Juan Bethencourt in 1402 founded there a chapel. They built in this are the Hermitage Our Lady of Mercedes and stayed there about 30 years, living off the alms of the people, the agriculture and fishing.

Later, in the documents of Fernando Torriani said that Famara was a place where there were lot of wells with salty water. And in the inventory done in the 1560 were registered the wells of Chafariz and the fountains of Famara. Around the year 1783 la Caleta is known as one of the place where is possible to fish a lot. 

In the are of la Caleta there were some warehouses made of stone where people store the boats that were used during the fishing season. In 1850 , according to the record, the resident in the area were: 10 residents in La Poceta, Famara with 6 residents and la Caleta zero.

It was in 1865 when Mr. Gregorio Tavío, from the village of Soo, built a storehouse with mud and stone in Caleta de Famara, where he came to fish for many years. This was the first construction in this place because till that moment were only little storehouses of dry stone.

Very soon in Caleta started to arrive families from La Graciosa and the beach became the trend and it is visited by some neighbours of Teguise. The lime produced in the small coves (caletas) of Famara was used to build homes and to build the chapel of the Sacred Heart of Mary. In 1909 met lot of visitor to celebrate the festivity of Sacred Heart of Mary and the village of La Caleta had already three buildings, twenty four storehouses and twenty five residents.

The artist from Lanzarote, César Manrique, enjoyed the peace and the majesty of the cliff and the village. To him this place was unique and it was a source of inspiration. 

Also, La Caleta has been part of lot of family memories in almost every family of the island. A place to meet, to enjoy and a symbol of the island that even today keeps its essence of a fishing village. 

Every year, at the end of August, Caleta de Famara receives lot of people to celebrate the festivity of its patron saint. In those days mixt there religious, sport and leisure events but overall the feeling of have fun and say goodbye to the summer in the best way possible… in Caleta de Famara. 

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