The cheese lovers can not leave Fuerteventura without trying the different varieties and delicacies that are made in the island. The majorera goat produces the milk to made the majorero cheese, that has its designation of origin since 1996. Today we suggest you a cheese route, as you can get to know the interior of Fuerteventura better, and above all you can delight your palate and taste this appreciated delicacy.


Cheese Route

We start in Tiscamanita, where the dairy of Julián Díaz offers us soft, semi-hard and hard cheeses, with a great quality. Its cheeses has been awarded in different festivals. Even,in some editions of food festivals its hard cheese has been honored as the best of the Canary Islands. We have been lucky enough to taste it and we can confirm you that its hard cheese is delicious!!


Continue our route till the Cheese Museum of Fuerteventura. We stop there to discover the origin and the production of the island’s cheesequeso majorero”. Learn more about the characteristic of the indigenous goat, about the land where they grow and feed on, and learn the evolution of cheese factory in the island. Once the visit end you could taste cheeses and some amazing wines of the island that are a perfect combination.


The cheeses from Tetir awaits us and we are sure that the visit will not disappoint you. The cheese production here is handmade and its different varieties offer a wide range of innovative products that worth it to try: Goat milk liqueur, butter, cottage cheese with flavours so innovative like the prickly pear and even goat milk sweets. Do not miss the opportunity to taste its cheeses, although its sweets are… ¡¡a delight!!


Our route comes to an end in La Villa cheese factory in Betancuria, where you have the chance to participate in one of the guided tours in its facilities. The visit includes the production and ripening process rooms, the exhibition room, the milking room and the farmyards. Among all their varieties the cheese of “trapo” (it is made into a rag instead of a mold) draw our attention, we can not wait to taste it!



Did you know these dairies? Would you include another one? We are looking forward to hearing your experience with the cheeses of Fuerteventura!!

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