February is not only synonymous of Carnival in Canary Islands, also is known as the month of Transgrancanaria. Every runner who know the world of the trail running has this date highlighted in his competition calendar. In this race the beauty and the hardness of the island is reflected in every corner.

How did the race come up?

The race took place the first time in 2003, when David Déniz and Fernando González  decided the idea of cross the island like a competition. The first edition took place in October and crossed the island from west to east, starting from the port of Agaete and arriving at the Arinaga beach. The longest modality was 64 km and 78 brave runners faced this hard and experimental race.

In 2008 the race was gaining followers and importance, so riders like Marco Olmo decided to participate in it. Many national and international runners began to take an interest in participating, and the number of participants has been increasing year after year. The things has changed a lot and now the race has around 3,000 runners of more than 70 nationalities and has become a reference worldwide. It is also a tourist attraction for the island of Gran Canaria, due to running in February with spring temperatures can not be done at this time of year in many places in Europe and America.

Lastest news Transgrancanaria 2019

This year the race and the activities that take place will take place between February 20 and 24. This year will have some new features, including the creation of a new modality: Youth (TGCY), in which young people between 15 and 21 years old can participate and whose route will be about twenty kilometers. In addition, Promo (TGCP) and Starter (TGCS) modalities will have changes in their routes.

Therefore this year the modalities and distances in which it will be possible to participate are:

Youth, Promo y Family Trans..……… 17 km

Starter…………………………….…… .30 km

Marathon ……………………………….42 km

Advanced ……………………………..65 km

Transgrancanaria……………………..128 km

Trans 360………………………………265 km

As you can see there are circuits and distances for all tastes. From Canary Trip Booking we wish all the participants good luck and, above all, that they enjoy the race and the experience that will surely be unforgettable.


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