Lanzarote, due to is geographical situation is an idyllic place to enjoy water activities. Its proximity to the Sahara desert and  the constant trade winds have the result of a perfect average temperature that lets us take a dip in the sea the whole year round. 

The island has lot of places to practice water sports or to enjoy different water activities. Today we propose you different places of Lanzarote where you could practice water sports or where children could have fun with different activities. 


Water activities in Teguise

The village of Famara, situated in the northwest of Lanzarote, is well known by surf and kitesurf lovers. Whether if you have experience or not this is your place. In the village there are different schools that could teach you the magic of this sport. And if you have experience you could also rent the equipment needed to ride the waves. But take care, this is a beach with strong swell and sea currents, so get information about the sea conditions before you take a dip. 

Just in the other side of the island we find Costa Teguise. It is known by its coves and to be one of the first tourist areas of the Lanzarote. This place host every July the the windsurf championship, where great sporties show their value with amazing movements. If you want to learn more about this sport go there.

It is also a perfect place to practice snorkel or scuba diving. Even there are centres that have see trek, an innovative system that allows you walk under the sea. It  consists of a helmet that offers us an impressive vision and a floating raft with two bottles that continuously supply air through the hose-connected hose. You will feel zero gravity under the sea.



Water activities in Arrecife

Although the capital of the island has not lot of offer in this area, more and more business get this option. In the Reducto beach you could practice paddle surf or kayak, rent one and amaze yourself with the coast of the city. It will surprise you.


Water activities in Tías

In the tourist town of Puerto del Carmen you can practice different activities. On Playa Grande beach you will find inflatable parks on the water or rent water skates. Fun for the children of the house. Near to Playa Chica you will find scuba diving schools in which you could have your first experience as a diver. This area of the island has different wreckages with abundant marine life. Playa Chica is one of the preferred areas to dive.


There are also different centres where you could rent jet-ski, do parascending, jet bike, safaris, among other things.


Water activities in Yaiza

In the tourist town of Playa Blanca we find different options like in Puerto del Carmen. One of the most recently attraction is the Atlantic Museum, that has different sculptures of the artist Jason deCaires. It is near to the coast of Marina Rubicón. Different companies offer you the opportunity to visit this amazing place.

Also in Playa Blanca, you have the option to do a tour in catamaran, for example, you can go to the Papagayo coast and enjoy your day on board.


Water activities in Haría

On the north area we could enjoy the beautiful coves and a relaxing day on the beach or in the natural swimming pools of Punta Mujeres. Or if you want more action, the Cantería beach, also known as de Atrás beach is a nice place to practice surf and also the beach of la Garita in Arrieta. On the coast of Jameos del Agua lot of people practice windsurf, a a rocky coast with good conditions to practice this sport.



As you can see, Lanzarote has lot of water activities both adults and children. Would you like to try?




Photos by:
 - ayuntamientodetí


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