In the last years, the use of aloe vera in natural cosmetics is growing strongly around the world, that is why we offer to our clients a visit to one of the Aloe Plus Lanzarote Interpretation Centre, where they can learn more about the history of aloe vera cultivation and its properties. Nowadays this company is a reference to the cosmetic sector in Canary Islands.

Canary Trip Booking works with Aloe Plus Lanzarote from some years ago. In many of our trips we make a stop in one of their museums so the clients can know better this miracle product. Also they will have the chance to discover new products made with wine, cochineal, salt and argan.

Aloe Plus has in total four museums in Lanzarote and one in Tenerife. Due to the high interest generated from the visitors, and also the innovation and diversification of the company, the goverment of Lanzarote established their Interpretation Centres as “Centres of Tourist and Cultural Interest”.

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