In the 17th Century, there was a fishing settlement in the area known as Puerto del Roque. Later, in 1626 it took the name of Puerto del Tostón, being this place one of the main ports of the commercial route between Madeira and Fuerteventura. It is in the 20th Century when this place got the name of El Cotillo.

Over the time, the port lost its commercial importance and the few inhabitants of the village live off of the fishing. In the 1980’s the tourism started to be important as an economic alternative and it increases the population. 

Today the village of El Cotillo is known by the tourists but it is not crowded like other part of the island. There you can feel the peaceful that you may look on your holidays and enjoy its golden sand beaches with turquoise waters. Or enjoy its panoramic views from the castle, ist narrow streets, its white coves and its fishing port with lot of restaurant specialized in fresh fish. 

In the area we find the historic building Torre del Tostón. The conqueror Jean de Bethencourt built it during the first years of the conquer. This fortification was used to protect the ships that were anchored in the port of the pirate attacks. The castle that was built there were destroyed and over its ruins was built the current Torre del Tostón. The works began in 1700 and were carried out with stone from a quarry near the “Ermita del Cotillo”.



The tower has a circular plan and consists of a stonework staircase and a drawbridge. In 1949 it was declared a Historical Monument of Cultural Interest.

A step away from the tower is the Tostón beach, with enough strong waves and wind, making it especially suitable for water sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing.

About five kilometers separate the town of El Cotillo from the Tostón lighthouse, where the Museum of Traditional Fishing is located. Here you will be able to know the meaning of the traditional fishing of the island, also called “majorera fishing”, and the close relationship of the islanders with the sea, engine of the local economy and example of sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

La Concha beach is actually an extension of small coves ideal for enjoying the sun and the sea. With a length of 220 meters, it is one of the most famous on the island of Fuerteventura for its peaceful and beauty, its calm waters and gentle waves make it a suitable beach for children to play in the sea.

As you can see in El Cotillo you can find everything, history, tradition, beaches to disconnect, water sports and much more, you just need to feel like enjoying yourself.



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