Can you imagine disconnecting for a few days on a volcanic island, full of natural pools, lunar landscapes, viewpoints and dreamy forests?

That place exists and is none other than the island of El Hierro. We are going to visit the 5 most impressive places on the island, are you coming? … (We could add many more to this list, but we want you to be the one to discover them).

  • El Charco Azul

It is a corner that will leave you speechless. Volcanic rock and a transparent and turquoise water will catch you. This small natural pool is ideal to disconnect from the world for a few hours. Not even the best of architects could have designed such beauty. In El Hierro there are many pools of this type, so get ready to enjoy.

El Charco Azul is located in the north of the island, in the imposing Gulf Valley. And to get to it you must go down, you just have to park in the area enabled for it and go down some stairs.

  • Faro de Orchilla

They say that in this place time stands still, for years it was known as the lighthouse at the end of the world. Forget the mobile because there is no coverage and you just let yourself be carried away by the wind and endless curves. The journey is worth it and the destination even more so.

This place was in the past a mapped point on all maps of the time. And we are not talking only about the westernmost point of Spain, here the Meridian 0 was located. A privilege that he lost in the year 1885 to cede it to the city of Greenwich

The sunsets from this point are breathtaking. You can not miss it!

In the surroundings of the lighthouse you will find:

– Monument to the zero meridian.

– Embarcadero de Orchilla. From when the lighthouse could only be accessed by sea, there was this jetty that you can now visit and where you can take a bath.



  • Mirador de la Peña

An authentic wonder created by the famous Canarian architect César Manrique, who has managed to capture the essence of this corner and turn it into an essential stopping place. The viewpoint, with the best views over the Gulf Valley, has several balconies and a restaurant with dreamy views.

The Gulf Valley was created by the action of a gigantic landslide. The vegetation covers the entire slope. Thick forests that end suddenly when they reach the plain, where the little houses paint this enormous natural space white.

The panoramic view from here is impressive, and without a doubt I recommend that you sit on its terrace to enjoy the views and some of the wonderful wines that are made on the island.

  • ​El Sabinar and la Ermita de los Reyes

It is one of the most famous places in El Hierro and has become the logo of its tourist office.

This curious juniper offers us the vision of roots and branches so twisted that it seems incompatible with life. But they are very much alive. And it is that nature is wise. The incredible inclination of these centenary junipers has been their best defense mechanism against the furious wind that frequently hits the area. Enjoy your walk along the hillside of the Dehesa and come to the Bascos viewpoint …

Surely you did not know that the sabina herreña appears on the cover of the album “Another World”, by Brian May, ex-Queen guitarist, who purposely “made a pilgrimage” there after seeing a photo of Sabina in a magazine and recognizing in she a metaphor for that phase of her life.

On the way to the sabinar you will pass by the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Kings. It was initially built in the 16th century, although the current one is a remodeling from the 18th century. It is completely white, contrasting with the surrounding landscape, and has very beautiful views of the sea. It is located in a natural park and dedicated to the Virgen de los Reyes, patron saint of the island of El Hierro who, according to history, miraculously brought the rain after the worst droughts.


  • La Llanía, laurel forest

Surely on such an arid and volcanic island you did not expect to find a laurel forest … El Hierro never ceases to amaze!

You can choose between three trails to get lost, where magic and green replace the arid volcanic scenarios that you have known in recent days.

You will find Brezal forest, a humid and dense forest where we recommend you to wear a sweatshirt because the temperature will drop considerably around here. We continue walking among ferns and we will arrive at the Llanía viewpoint with its impressive views over El Golfo and, with luck, if you are clear, you will be able to see the silhouette of the island of La Palma.

Go back into the Laurisilva forest and you will arrive at the Bailadero de las Brujas. Legend has it that here, during the Middle Ages, witches lit the bonfire, danced and performed their rituals …


Surely you have been wanting much more … Our advice is that you visit El Hierro as soon as you can, it will not leave you indifferent!

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