November means Haría Extreme in Lanzarote. In a few days will take place the fabulous race that has been consolidated year after year.

In its website you can read…

The goal behind the creation of Haría Extreme was to run, and keep running.

Haría is a small town in the north of Lanzarote that dreamed to show its spectacular natural places to the most curious runners throughout their mountains.

We do not have large massifs but what we do have are majestic and thrilling cliffs, with technical and volcanic terrain, with wild coast, with lava and sea, heat and fire…


It is a great definition of what does this race mean. To the residents runners it is like a party, a race that goes through the area where they have been training. To the foreign runners this is a great opportunity to discover other face of Lanzarote

This year the race has again 4 categories that are adapted to every runner:

–    Starter 13km: this is perfect for faster runners and hikers who want to enjoy the Haría Extreme Lanzarote in a short way but also surprising and exciting in all ways.

–    Medium 19.5km: this race has its own personality. It goes around the south part of the municipality of Haría and makes the participants run to the highest point of the island (Las Peñas del Chache). With no doubt this race leave no one indifferent. 

–    Marathon 44km: this category has a hard route. It goes up to the Peñas del Chache, then goes down to the coast and goes up again to the Natural Park of Corona volcano. To end keeps the best part: the Famara cliff and the famous rope that the runners use to climb.

–    Ultra 94km: this category go through all the island, from the south to the north. Starts in the Femés and go around very technical areas with ups and downs. It is a race for mountain and trail lovers. 




Tomorrow opens the runner’s fair and they can get their dorsals. The race will take place on Saturday the 16th of November and the 17th will be celebrated the awards ceremony in Jameos del Agua.

From here we wish good luck to every runner and we send them force and courage. Enjoy every kilometer and enter in the finish line with a great smile because Haría Extreme is the queen of trail running in Lanzarote.  




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