Summer is already here and with it sunny weekends to enjoy the beach are coming as well. But not everybody likes the beach and the sand due to the usual wind of the island, the sandstorms, or because some people prefer to stay in not so busy areas. 

That is why today we show you a post about the natural pools which you can find in Lanzarote. Without a doubt, this is the ideal place for a day in the water.

Starting in the north of the island we find the area of “Caletón Blanco”, a idyllic postcard which won`t be left cold. In this place you can see the whitest sands of the island, and with the low tide, small natural pools, ideal to stay in the water all day, are created. It is located on the road that connects Arrieta and Punta Mujeres to the town of Órzola.

Another ideal place, especially if you don`t like the sand, is the natural pool in Punta Mujeres, perfect to swim, dive and go back home without a piece of sand. It is quite big, and the water is replaced constantly, so it is always clean and crystalline. The combination of sea, lava and sun makes this area very attractive to have fun with the family.

In the coast between Guatiza and Mala, we can find the “Charco del Palo”, where the volcanic coast creates small quiet places and the water stays calm, like in a pool. This nudist town offers three natural pools with a very quiet atmosphere. One of them has even an area to play volleyball and boules. In all the pools there are big stones where you can get a tan or enjoy the crystalline water and nice weather.




Probably the most popular area and highly searched on Internet, as many people love its pictures, is “Los Charcones”. It is located in the west coast of Lanzarote, between the salt flats of Janubio and Playa Blanca. 

The sea tosses the water of the pools, a result of the peculiar orographic forms that the lava left on its way. There are very deep pools where you can make a big jump, and others with small depth, ideal to have a relaxing dip. Its crystalline water, colourful bottom and tranquility here, turn these pools into the favourite ones for residents of the island, and also tourists who visit us.   

The tranquility of this place always invites us to be relaxed. A good book can be your perfect friend. You can have a walk through the coast and take a dip in your favourite pool. The diving goggles will be your best ally if you want to enjoy the sea bottom. 

Do you know any other natural pool? Which one is your favourite?



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