New Year’s resolutions to this 2019

Just few days to end the 2018 in which with no doubt has been great and unforgettable moments. So it is time to start thinking about the new year’s resolutions.
If you want to get ideas and find inspiration to this new year, continue reading… We are sure you will find your perfect resolution!

And what are our New Year’s resolutions?

Live memorable moments in the Canary Islands.

1. Begin the year visiting the National Park of Garajonay in La Gomera. Be surrounded by nature, do trekking routes through laurisilva forests and know everything about the legend of the two young lovers that gave the name to this wonderful place.



2. This year, March highlights the long-awaited Carnivals. In every Canary Island is celebrated with intensity but you should enjoy at least once in your lifetime Los Indianos in La Palma. This carnival is more than talcum powder and street festival, it is a tradition.


3. Clear skies and hundreds stars lighting up the night, the silence under the shadow of El Teide… Would you like to enjoy an astronomical experience in Tenerife? For us is one of those things that must be in our to do list.

4. If you are a sea and diving lover, El Hierro is your island. Do not miss the opportunity to dive in one of the most beautiful seabeds of the world. Take the opportunity to feel free under the sea while you see the magnificent diversity of marine life of the area.





5. In Gran Canaria you can not miss the Cueva Pintada of Gáldar. Here, you will discover more about the indigenous of the Canary Islands. It is a great cultural legacy of the society before the arrival of the European conquistadors to Gran Canaria and of the earliest years of European settlement.

6. Have you ever been  lost in the desert? Would you like to live a similar experience? You do not have to go far away. In Fuerteventura you could get lost among sand dunes as if you were in the Sahara desert. Enjoy an amazing sunset that you will remember forever.

7. It is said that Lanzarote looks like Mars and we cannot deny it. Walk around the Natural Park of the Volcanoes and size to get into the El Cuervo volcano. Feel the heat of the volcano and let the wind be your guide in this amazing crater.

8. Did you think we had finished? No, no, no! Last but not least, the smallest island… La Graciosa gives its best side. Go all over the island by bike or by walk and take a dip in the calm waters. Amarilla mountain will be the perfect place to spend an unforgettable day.


To be truthful, we could recommend you infinity things to do and enjoy in the Canary Islands but we want to know… Which kind of experience would you like to enjoy in 2019 in our Archipelago? Tell us!!

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