In a bid to show you different parts and corners of Lanzarote, today we go to one of the most amazing beaches of the island. For that, it is necessary to wear trainers and be ready to descend a path called “Camino de los Gracioseros”, which leads us to the beach under the Cliff.  

TREKKING:  Beach Under the Cliff

START: At the parking lot in Yé.

DISTANCE: 6 kms                        DIFFICULTY:  Medium – High

SLOPE: 400 metres               TYPE: Lineal itinerary 

DURATION: 2 hours  (excluding the time we spend on the beach)


The route begins in the parking of , from here we walk a natural stone path to the viewpoint, where you can see all the steep coast and the “Chinijo Archipelago”.

From this point, we start the descent in a simple path, but very hard physically, as it is very steep, irregular and with small loose stones, what it means that the way is in some stretches very slippery. This path runs downhill in a zigzag until the beach.

The path has about 6 kilometres, one way and return, and a slope of more than 400 metres, but without a doubt it is a sacrifice that will be worth it.

In the highest point, and just before starting to descend through the zigzag road which will lead us at the foot of the cliff, we will be impressed with the landscape. The more we go down this way, the more we will be shrouded in silence of the area and the amazing views in front of us.

At the end of the slope, we have to follow the path turning right, which will lead us to the seashore. It is a beach with about 500 metres in length, where the white sand and the crystalline waters will welcome to us to enjoy a lovely day. The tranquility and solitude of the area, besides the extraordinary views of La Graciosa, will make you never forget this trip.



If you do not only want to sunbathe, but also you feel like a explorer, this place is perfect for that. You can walk the coast until the old “Salinas del Río” (Salt Flats of the River), a architectural beauty, which transports us to the most sea past of the island. Although for many years they were neglected, the Council of Lanzarote is working to repair them, so with any luck, you will see them in perfect conditions.  

The volcanic stones, the amazing cliff of Famara and the sensation of peace will make you enjoy the day. We should not forget that Lanzarote, although it is very famous for its beaches, some of them are still unspoilt and without any sign of civilisation. 




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