Sea beds and scuba diving in Lanzarote

The Canary Islands are situated in the mid-eastern zone of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to this privilege situation they are one of the best destinations to scuba diving. They are part of the Macaronesia together with the Archipelagos of Azores, Madeira, Savage Islands and Cape Verde.

The Canaries are islands of volcanic origin. The have emerge with great slope from the abyssal plains, at a depth of 3000 meters. Over millions of years the different volcanic eruptions accumulated layers of lava until them exceeded the sea surface. Due to their volcanic origin, the sea beds that surround them are steep, and it is common find veriles (submarine cliffs), caves, tunnels, grotto, crevices and reefs.

The waters surrounding the island of Lanzarote and the islets are known for their crystallinity, the pleasant temperature that  they maintain throughout the year and, of course, for the great biodiversity that exists in them.


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We could say that Lanzarote hides another island under the sea, an island full of life and color, of peculiar species and places that are worth seeing, even if it means submerging.

Thanks to all these conditions, the waters around Lanzarote are perfect for scuba diving, there are some points that are well known in the world of diving. Diving, therefore, allows us to discover the marine world and anyone who tries it says that time down there seems to stop.

We can find more than 50 immersion points suitable for all levels and ages.

So if you come to Lanzarote you can not miss the opportunity to feel the sensation of immersing yourself in the Atlantic waters. Here we leave you some of the best dives you can do in the island.


Diving in Playa Chica

It is one of the best known areas for diving lovers. It highlights the vertical walls that can be seen in the area, sandbars and caves. In this dive the entrance is made directly from Playa Chica. It is very common to see a lot of species such as spider fish, tapaculos, sand crabs, angels and sponges.




Diving in Montaña Amarilla (La Graciosa)

La Graciosa itself is already a paradise for nature lovers, but Montaña Amarilla is one of the most emblematic places. It has a very characteristic color and shapes that continue underwater creating unique landscapes. In this area, even with a few simple glasses and tube we can discover the secrets of this Marine Reserve. Well known is the immersion that can be done in this area and is known as Punta de la Cocina.

Diving in Papagayo

Normally, everyone who visits the island makes a stop at one of the coves of the Papagayo area. Its turquoise waters and golden sand have it all for take a bath and start exploring the depths. It is an ideal place both to begin in the “snorkel” and for those more expert divers. The landscape under the water is equal or more spectacular than outside it. You can enjoy marine life and observe the behavior of the animal diversity that lives there.


In this island you can enjoy some of the best dives in Europe, so … Do not miss the opportunity and discover them!

In this link you can find a diving guide with everything you need to know when you visit to the island.


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