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Service Provider

Corporate name: Viajes la Alegranza S.L.U.

NIF: B35294065

Address: Rambla Medular, nº99, 1ºA – Arrecife  – Lanzarote

Telephone number: +34 928 80 37 19 / +34 928 80 36 14

Mail: info@canarytripbooking.com

Registry Data: Registered in the trade register of Arrecife, Page 42 of Volume 34, Page 41, Section 8ª, Sheet IL-1141. Entry 3ª.

Administrative authorizations: Single-person limited liability Company registered as Wholesale and Retail Travel Agency in the Canary Islands Government General Tourist Register with the main code I-AV-0000019.2 

Claim forms: We have claims forms available to users.

The user may request said claims forms in our physical office in Marina Lanzarote or in the main office of Viajes la Alegranza S.L.U in  Rambla Medular, nº99, 1ºA – Arrecife  – 35500 Arrecife – Lanzarote, for purchases made through this platform.

Legal Terms

The terms and conditions specified below regulate the access and use of the URL address www.canarytripbooking.com property of Viajes La Alegranza S.L.U.

Identification of the parties

On one hand, Viajes la Alegranza Single-person limited liability Company with registered office at Rambla Medular, nº99, 1ºA, 35500 Arrecife, Lanzarote. With I-AV-0000019.2  NIF: B-35294065.

And, on the second hand, the individual, hereinafter the USER, who accesses the page to inform and hire the services offered through www.canarytripbooking.com. The user acknowledges that he/she is of legal age (over 18 years) and has the legal capacity to acquire the services offered within the website and use it to the general terms that are detailed below, which they understand and expressly accept.

Conditions of use

The user accepts the legal linked with these Terms and Conditions. In case, the user does not accept these terms and conditions he/she will not be able to purchase any product of www.canarytripbooking.com

www.canarytripbooking.com could modify this Terms and Conditions in any moment by publishing on-line this information. As a user of this website, accept the obligation to periodically review whether or not these Terms and Conditions have change to be informed about the modifications done by www.canarytripbooking.com

You may not reproduce, copy, download, publish, transmit, distribute or use with in any way or otherwise use any material contained in the website www.canarytripbooking.com, including texts, images, URLs, prices information, etc., under no circumstance, except for your own personal non-commercial use.

Any other use of the information belonging to www.canarytripbooking.com requires the prior express written permission of Viajes la Alegranza S.L.U.

The user agrees to use www.canarytripbooking.com and the affiliate websites for legitimate purposes that do not infringes rights of thirds parties and do not impede or prevent the use to any other user of www.canarytripbooking.com.

The use of www.canarytripbooking.com is only for personal and non-commercial use, or for a legitimate reservation request of any product or services offered. The user agrees to do not use any website belonging to www.canarytripbooking.com in order to make false, fraudulent or speculative applications.


On each product or service offers that is published on www.canarytripbooking.com, clear and exact information will be supplied relating to the price of the product or  service indicating if they are applied, what the possible extra costs and service conditions are.

The prices published on www.canarytripbooking.com included all applicable taxes in each case.

www.canarytripbooking.com commits itself to updating the prices and contents on the website with the utmost care so as they are accurate and up to date at all times. Nevertheless, if there may be any typos for reasons beyond our control, www.canarytripbooking.com undertakes to correct these as soon as possible. Also if any price contained any error and any user would have been affected by it involuntarily, and could not have reasonably noticed the error, www.canarytripbooking.com will maintain the price initially offered for such user.

Booking voucher

Once the payment of any product is made, either through credit card, debit card or payment gateway such as Paypal, the user will automatically receive a confirmation email with a voucher for each purchase. The email must be provided by the user when he/she makes the reservation.

The user should check his/her email. Said confirmation email, in which will be attached the information with the confirmation with a booking reference, time and pick up point, should be printed to show it to the operator of the service that proceeds to make any tour or service purchased. This confirmation email or voucher could be shown also through the mobile or tablet.

The reservation is not confirmed until you receive the email with the booking reference.

For security reasons when the user shows the voucher or the confirmation email, he/she must also shows an identity card or a valid passport. This is a security measure to avoid fraud and could identify the user.

Under no circumstances, a voucher that has been intentionally modified will not be accepted. This voucher is not transferable. The validity of the voucher is only for the date of the service.


Bookings include a deadline to cancel or modify without any additional fees. The modifications or cancellation before the deadline do not included any fees. In case you modify or cancel after de deadline we will apply the fees indicated in the Cancellation Policy that appears in the voucher and in the booking confirmation.

In general, users could cancel more than 72 hours in advance of the activity without any additional fees. We will proceed to refund the total purchase amount. However, if the user cancels more than 25 hours and up to 71 hours in advance of the activity, we will proceed to refund the 50% of the purchase amount. In any case, if the user cancels the booking within 24 hours prior to the date of the activity/service the user shall not be entitled to any purchase refund.

Sailing trips:

Every sailing trip is subject to meteorological conditions. In case that a sailing trip must be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, user could change the trip to other day with available places or could ask to refund the total amount paid for the tour.  


*Tours to Fuerteventura or tours to Lanzarote from Fuerteventura:

It is crucial to carry an identity card or valid passport, in case of not carry it at the moment to get on board in the ferry you could not access and you could not continue the tour. You must afford on his/her own the return to the hotel and you would not receive any refund.  

Land tours:

The option of camel ride said in some of the itineraries is conditional on the camels being in the camel’s stall. If the camels have to leave the stall due to adverse weather conditions or any other reason, the option to ride on camels will not be available and we do not proceed to any refund.

Data Protection

User personal data will be treated in the terms and conditions described in our privacy policy. If you continue browsing our platform we will consider that you have read, agree and accept our privacy policy available at the following address: […]