Today we go into the central area of Lanzarote, in particular the historical centre of San Bartolomé to discover its history, streets and people. In the middle of a meadow, protected by the Guaticea Mountain and the Mina Mountain, it is located this the town which settlement dates back to the pre-hispanic time. Its privileged location and agricultural economy back then, made it was growing and developing until becoming today in one of the most important  places of the island. 


– Council, theatre and church:        

We start the route in the epicentre of the municipality, in the town council, which started in private houses, and it was not until the first quarter of the XX century when the current building was built. Next to the town hall, we can see a big tower as well, with a clock on the top, which was built some years later.


In this square we can also find the Municipal Theatre, one of the most popular of the island, located in an old cemetery. Just on this side it is the church as well,  with interesting altarpieces, sculptures and paintings. If we leave it and turn left, we are going to the low area of León y Castillo Square, a project designed by César Manrique where we could emphasize its nice garden with Canary Islands palm trees and some native species. Here it is located the Sociedad El Porvenir, a social and cultural reference point of the town, which was for some years a meeting point for all neighbours. 

– Tanit Museum:

From the Sociedad El Porvenir, we can see in front of us our next stop, the Tanit Ethnographic Museum. It is located in a house built in 1735. It has a press, a flour mill,  an “era” (a flat area were farmers made their agricultural tasks, like the harvest, the drying of products…), a tank, vegetable gardens and wineries.

Here, Jose Ferrer, the inheritor of the property, decides to set up the museum, opened in 2000. With the exhibition of many objects, it makes a route through the social, economic and daily life of our ancestors.    


– Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente Park: 

After leaving the museum we turn left to continue on the Constitution Street. While we go down we can see on the left side the Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente Park. In this leisure and amusement area with a children’s park, it takes place markets, concerts, and more activities.

Following the street, and after leaving the school, we will take the first road to the right, which will lead us to the one of the most important architectural and cultural corners of San Bartolomé, the Jose María Gil mill.   


– The Jose María Gil mill: 

It was built in 1870 and bought at the beginning of the XX Century by Jose María Gil. This has been one of the last places of milling on the island, until the year 2016, when his owner decides to retire definitely. Two years later, the mill opened again its doors, thanks to two business women. Today, it is not only a model in the handmade industry, but also an interpretation and dissemination centre of our patrimony.


– Mayor Guerra House:

Leaving the mill we turn right to arrive to one of the most important roads of the town, the Rubicón Street. Just here, we can see another mill, in this case the mill of the Sr. Juan Armas, which had 12 blades. We carry on to the left on this street until the first road to the right (Guadrafía Street), and then the first one to the left (Serpiente Street), which will lead us in the Mayor Guerra House. This is one of the most impressive houses of the island. Property of the soldier Francisco Guerra, who lived from the end of the XVIII century until the beginning of the XIX, this building was donated to the council in the middle of the XIX century. Among its great attractions we could emphasize its excellent location, at the beginning of a mountain, and a patio in the centre with a balcony and a arch of stone.


After this visit, we will go out on the Serpiente Street again, and from here we will turn left in the Guadarfía Street. Then, we continue until the fifth street on the right (San Juan de la Cruz Street), to turn left on the San Simón Street, and finally we will take the first road to the right, and we will be again in our starting point, in the square of the council.



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