Are you coming to Lanzarote? In this post we give you some useful tips that you could need when you arrive to the island. Either by plane or boat, these tips will be helpful.

So, put yourself in situation, our plane just lands in Lanzarote and we do not know how to get to our hotel, what can we do or where to rent a car… Here you have a short guide to make your arrival as easier and pleasant as possible.

What options we have to get around the island from the airport?

If you want to rent a car to get around on the island, in the arrivals terminal you have different rent a car offices where you can ask about prices to then compare and decide.

If, on the contrary, you prefer to use public transport, outside the terminal you have the taxi and the bus stop with regular lines. If you are coming from any other canary island, your bus stop is outside the Terminal nº2 (T2), just 3-4 minutes walking from the exit of the departure terminal on the right-hand side. However, if you are coming from any Spanish or European city, you must go from the Terminal nº1(T1) to the T2, crossing the bus parking, and then you have to go to the bus stop, which is just 3-4 minutes from the T1.

From here you can take different buses:

BUS 22– It stops in Playa Honda and Arrecife.

BUS 161– It stops in Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca.

*If you go to Costa Teguise, you can do it by bus from Arrecife with the BUS 1 or 3.



Are you coming to Lanzarote by boat?

If you arrive to Playa Blanca port, in the south of the island, you have a rent a car office at this terminal. Whereas, if you prefer to use public transport, there is a taxi stop or you can take a bus as well to get around the island.

BUS 60 – Its final destination is Arrecife, but it stops in Yaiza, Tias and Playa Honda.

BUS 30 – It is a line bus to move around Playa Blanca, very useful if you want to go to one of the hotels of this area.

BUS 161– With stops in Yaiza, Puerto Calero and Puerto del Carmen.


If you come to Mármoles port, you must get out of the terminal and go outside the port to find the bus stop. From here you can take the following buses:

BUS 1– It connects Arrecife with Costa Teguise, stopping in the Port.

BUS 3 – It connects Costa Teguise, Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen.


Are you coming aboard a cruise ship?

If your ship docks in the Marina Lanzarote port, you have different options:

You can go on foot to the city centre (about 15 minutes walking), or go to the Tourist Information Office which is located just 5 minutes walking from the ship, where you will find different plans to enjoy the day on the island. Just there, you can rent a car or book a tour to visit the best corners of the island. The staff will help you, so that you can have enough time to see as much as possible, or they can book a taxi, as you can get around the island and go wherever you want.

If your ship docks in the Mármoles port, you have the chance to rent a car in the building of the terminal at the port, where you will find a Tourist Information Office and, of course, a taxi stop to make faster and more comfortable your journeys.

We hope these tips are very useful and make much easier your visit on the island. If you have any doubt do not hesitate to add your comments and we will help you.


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