Only few days before the 2019 ends. A year in which we have had great momentos. It has been a year of discovery, in which we have felt like explorer, we have acquired new knowledge, we have walked several kilometres and we have felt our islands. 

We hope you have also enjoyed our suggestions about trekking routes in which we have tried to explorer those places less known, giving another perspective of our islands. Exploring the inlands, walking through path full of history and cheering you up to create great memories forever.  

If you prefer sports, we have had different posts about famous competitions in the archipelago. Events like Transgrancanaria, Transvulcania, the World Cup of Fuerteventura or Haría Extreme are some examples of our passion to share with you the sport practice in natural areas of the islands.

We do not think that anyone will have any complain because we have given to you a great list about beaches to every taste. Whether if you want to enjoy and relax on the sand or to have a great day doing water activities and enjoying some of the beach bars. Routes from the north to the south and from west to east to do not miss any beach.

We did not forget neither our traditions nor the handicrafts. We are lucky to have great artisans in the islands, people who create art, history and tradition. Of course, without forgetting the cheeses and wines of the island, a gift to the taste and a delicacy to share.

We love birds and we have written some different routes that you can do easily and see their habitat. At the beginning it could be boring but then it is addictive. Birdwatching in Lanzarote or Fuerteventura is an increasingly popular activity that more and more tourists and inhabitants ask for. You will see not only endemic birds but also migratory birds rest there in some times of the year. See them is a sight to behold.

With no doubt this year has been marked by the centenary of César Manrique. The artist from Lanzarote has been present in some of our post as a tribute to the amazing work he did in the island. His efforts to join together art and nature is obvious in lot of places.

As you see, we have tried to show you every activities and places that could you find interesting to get the most of your visit to the islands. Although these post will remain here to read them whenever you want, we can only say that in 2020 we have ready new posts that we are sure you will love. Are you go to miss them?  

See you in 2020!


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